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From 4th December 2021 you’ll find us at

In a world that is constantly changing, it is important to never stand still. Following our acquisition earlier this year by ZISHI, part of the OSTC Group, we’re excited to announce the next step in our collective success. At the beginning of December, BG Consulting will begin working under the ZISHI Cornerstone name and brand.


By evolving in this way, not only can we continue delivering our full spectrum of financial services training, as ZISHI Cornerstone our offering can also guide you through the maze of regulation, compliance, and governance, and span all levels of trading education.


To see how we can help you master more of tomorrow’s essential professional knowledge, training and intelligence today, head over to

Training ideas


Financial modelling training 

Find out more about our market leading financial modelling training for juniors, and watch our free taster video on Introduction to Financial Modelling here.


Real estate finance training course

Find out more about our approach to real estate finance training here.


Talent and development for juniors

Find out more about our innovative solutions for junior talent acquisition, development, transition and retention by contacting us.


Credit analysis and lending training

Find out more about our credit analysis and lending training delivered by trainers who have lent, managed relationship and managed loans who deliver practical, realistic and highly interactive training.