Strengthening our expertise in 

 talent and development 

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BG Consulting has joined forces with OSTC Group

We’re delighted to share exciting news about the future of our business. Our strength of knowledge and expertise have been recognised and sought by fellow financial training and education providers, ZISHI, who are part of OSTC Group.

Our organisations already share some of the world’s most respected capabilities for this sector, and this combined venture now takes BG Consulting far beyond the realms of our previous reach. We’ll share more exciting news about what the future holds soon.

Training ideas


Financial modelling training 

Find out more about our market leading financial modelling training for juniors, and watch our free taster video on Introduction to Financial Modelling here.


Real estate finance training course

Find out more about our approach to real estate finance training here.


Talent and development for juniors

Find out more about our innovative solutions for junior talent acquisition, development, transition and retention by contacting us.


Credit analysis and lending training

Find out more about our credit analysis and lending training delivered by trainers who have lent, managed relationship and managed loans who deliver practical, realistic and highly interactive training.