Example Courses

Financial Modelling Example Training Courses














“The Pre-course modelling manual and spreadsheets really helped me to prepare for the training.”


Introduction to Financial Modelling

Global Wholesale Bank






“This was one of the best trainer I met in the ten years at the bank. He has deal experience , is capable, patient and flexible. ”


Financial Analysis Modelling Bootcamp 

Global Wholesale Bank






“I enjoyed the course and believe I have taken on lots of information, which will be effectively used at work on a daily basis”


Capital Markets Financing

Full Service Investment Bank, Hong Kong







“Great Process, Structure and build of knowledge during the course. ”


Advanced Modelling Training 

Global Wholesale Bank








Modelling and

 Valuation and Training course 

  1. Some Excel basics and the basics of design

  2. Excel tricks and shortcuts

  3. Excel fucntions

  4. Math & Trig functions

  5. Excel tool

  6. Excel shortcuts

Financial Modelling in Excel
  1. Excel basics

  2. Building the framework

  3. Forecasting the income statement

  4. Fixed assets

  5. Working capital

  6. Balancing the balance sheet

  7. Linking the cash flow statement

  8. Building a debt schedule

Financial  Modelling Introduction
  1. Building the framework - intermediate

  2. Building the schedules

  3. Forecasting the income statement - intermediate

  4. More complex issues

  5. Fixed assets - intermediate

  6. Working capital - intermediate

  7. Balancing the balance sheet -  intermediate

  8. Net income and shareholder’s equity

  9. Balancing - straightaway

  10. Linking the cash flow statement - intermediate

  11. Building a debt schedule - intermediate

  12. Ratio analysis

Intermediate Financial Modelling
Advanced Modelling
  1. How much to pay?

  2. Transaction analysis

  3. Financing the deal

  4. Modelling M&A transactions

M&A Modelling
  1. Structuring project finance

  2. Assumptions

  3. Building the financial statements

  4. Debt and equity financing

  5. Structuring

  6. Pulling it all together


Project Finance Modelling
  1. Valuation and modelling

  2. Correct cash flows

  3. Cost of capital

  4. Terminal values

  5. Relative valuation in context

  6. Relative valuation multiples

  7. Relative valuation model

Corporate Valuation Techniques
  1. LBO overview

  2. LBO deals

  3. Financing alternatives

  4. Basic modelling structure

  5. Advanced structures

  6. LBO tools for modelling

  7. Forecasting for LBO's

LBO Modelling