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BG Education provides bespoke tutoring and training services to individuals and institutional clients.


BG Education is a division of BG Consulting, a long established specialist training company providing training services to leading global financial institutions.



BG Education offers 1:1 tutoring and bespoke training for groups of participants wishing to achieve a greater understanding of the banking and finance industry.


Whether your ambition is achieve a career in banking, or to better understand how your investments are best managed then BG Education can assist.

   Coaching and training   

We design and deliver bespoke 1:1 tutoring schedules to meet your unique requirements.  Our talented & knowledgeable tutors will use our effective training materials to build your confidence and skills.


This might be with the ambition to take more control of your investment decisions or to help someone from the younger generation of your family in their aspirations to work in finance.


BG Education does not offer investment advice; we facilitate your learning.


For small groups of participants with similar learning objectives, BG Education will develop bespoke training programmes and are happy to include cultural events and networking opportunities in your itinerary.


If you would like to arrange coaching or training on banking related topics you might choose from or include some of the following topics:


  • Accounting and financial analysis
  • Financial modelling
  • Company valuation & corporate finance
  • Capital markets cash and derivative products







These topics can be covered at a very high level or we can dive into great detail with masses of hands on practice to build your skills.


Moving away from classic capital markets and investment banking topics, the following areas might be of interest in expanding your understanding of banking and how you deal with banks in the running of your own operations:


  • Credit analysis and lending
  • Cash management
  • Trade finance
  • Hedging risk


Then, last but not least, we can offer training on core investment topics which might be of vital importance to you:


  • Money markets
  • Equity investments
  • Fixed income investments
  • Alternative investments, including:
    • Real estate
    • Private equity
    • Infrastructure
    • Hedge funds

  • Structured products
  • Wrappers
  • ETFs
  • Macro economics
  • Asset Allocation
  • Portfolio Theory
  • Performance measurement


Our tutoring is hands-on and flexible and 100% impartial.

BG Consulting is a training company and does not offer advice.


BG Trainers are all ex bankers and financiers and although we deploy trainers according to their background and expertise, they are all highly educated with broad experience of finance and investment topics so they enjoy wide ranging discussions and challenging questions.


BG has a full Bloomberg license and requisite subscriptions (including IFR) to ensure we are up to date with the markets, trends and news.


We also offer specialist eLearning and long term trading and investment simulations to support you in the development of your skills.