Looking beyond the political storm clouds ...

ref :- "Eurozone Growth Bucks Political Unease" , Simon Nixon in the Wall St. Journal .... a version of this article is also in The Times, Business In Europe, for "glass half empty" types there's no shortage of reasons to be worried and virtually all of them are political in nature. Jitters over the possibility of populist success in upcoming Dutch and French elections reflect a realization that such outcomes in a post-Brexit, post-Trump world are a good deal more feasible than they once were, whatever the polls may say. Moreover, mainstream politicians have appeared unable to offer persuasive counter-arguments to the populist dogma that has become increasingly attractive to those who feel t

"I SHOULD COCO !" ..... British rhyming slang from the 1930s, a notable 1990's album b

"I SHOULD COCO !" ..... British rhyming slang from the 1930s, a notable 1990's album by Supergrass, and for the last 12 months a pretty successful investment plan. ref :- "Holders of coco bonds rack up gains", The Financial Times, Markets and Investing, Capital Markets. You remember CoCo bonds, don't you ? Full title : Contingent convertible bonds, and otherwise known as Additional Tier 1 capital ? Regulars will know that we like to keep an eye on these fellas, not least because of their origin as a clever and very pragmatic wheeze dreamt up by the banks as a method of raising capital in the dark days immediately after the Financial Crisis. In the event of a bank getting into trouble, bond h

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