If you're a "glass half full" type, things might be looking a bit brighter for emergin

ref :- "For emerging markets, a more fearful Fed is a less frightful one", The Economist There is no truth in the suggestion that we're looking at an emerging markets article merely to avoid the impossible mess that is Brexit, and the UK parliament's vote on PM Theresa May's deal tonight ..... Oh all right then, there's a lot of truth in it ..... it really has come to something when losing a parliamentary vote by less than 100 would be seen as a right result for the government (estimates range from a loss by 60 seats to 200). We'd rather not speculate on the outcome, or on the vast range of ramifications, and therefore market reactions, that might result from it. Too extreme and probably so

We know that nobody really KNOWS anything ..... but we want to know what they think they know .....

ref :- "Here's (Almost) everything Wall Street Expects in 2019" , Bloomberg Markets and ref :- "Volatility of 2018 leads to changeable outlook" , The Financial Times, Markets and Investing Regulars will know that we always like to take a look at what the experts are forecasting for the year ahead. We often think that making prognostications of this type is a pretty thankless task , more of a marketing tool than an accurate measure of predictive ability. The desire to avoid making a very public hash of what one might think is coming our way means that often such pronouncements are vague and open to several interpretations, especially when it comes to the timing of events. But it's instructiv

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