A looming election and economic ignorance at the top ..... and we're not talking about the UK.

ref :- "Tills ring out for two-term Trump" , Irwin Stelzer's American Account, The Sunday Times Business Section 8/12/19 No, not the UK .... we'll by-pass those much put-upon British voters and their general election on Thursday .... save to say that even if the polls predicting a Conservative majority are proved correct (always a big "if" with UK polls) the government will still have a very long way to go to conclude the kind of deals (trade and otherwise) with the EU and elsewhere that the markets will view charitably. "Getting Brexit Done", in the sense of getting it through parliament, may soon be achievable but that's really just the start of it. Given that the country still seems split

"And the first to turn is ....... SWEDEN !"

ref :- "Sweden to buck trend with interest rate rise" , The Financial Times, International Section The Riksbank, Sweden's central bank (and the world's oldest, incidentally) , first took its policy rate into negative territory in early 2015. It has been as low as -0.5%, but was adjusted to -0.25% last December. Now the pundits are telling us that at its Dec 19th meeting, and at a time when other central banks (ECB , BoJ) are still embracing historically loose monetary policy, the Riksbank is expected to raise its interest rate back to zero. Why might that be particularly worthy of note ? Well, if for example the Swedish economy was motoring along then it wouldn't be -- but it's not motorin

What jumps out on a Monday morning ?

ref :- "Five Things to Start Your Day" , Bloomberg Markets Briefly, we'll just point you to two of Bloomberg's five ..... With stock markets regularly posting new record highs against a global backdrop that is not without some pretty threatening clouds, it would be easy for any newcomers to the markets to form the view that investors are only too ready to celebrate the good stuff and ignore the bad. Actually, even if you've been knocking around for while it's often difficult to avoid reaching the same conclusion. Casting an eye across the screens this morning the first thing that hits you is a rise in global bond yields. And the reason ? A rise in China's Caixin Manufacturing Index to 51.8 .

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