Finally, shaken out of complacency .... or perhaps not.

ref :- "Investors remain complacent about virus despite sell-off" , Nouriel Roubini, Markets Insight, The Financial Times Markets and Investing ref :-"Tail Risk" , Philip Stafford, The Financial Times Companies & Markets Thankfully, things are a little calmer today. One would like to think that the markets are taking stock, giving themselves a chance to take a more measured view of exactly where we're at. The likely truth of the matter however is that they're waiting for the next piece of breaking news that will define their decision on which way to jump. This week's sharp falls in share prices in particular have been in stark contrast to the preceding period, which was marked by the almost

Technicals - v - Fundamentals ..... and making yourself a hostage to Fortune.

ref :- " JPMorgan Says Rally in Treasuries May Be Nearing a Turning Point" , Bloomberg Markets We'll have to be brief .... it's a frantically busy morning on markets, and not a very happy one. The rapid expansion of the Coronavirus into S.Korea and now Italy has raised fears that the authorities may be losing the battle to contain the outbreak, and the term "global pandemic" is beginning to seem less of a panic-driven overreaction by the day. We should all strive to keep things in perspective of course, but even the most stoical investors have to acknowledge the effects that the growing crisis is having on markets ..... both in terms of the knee-jerk scramble for safe-haven assets and the da

"Plus ca change, plus c'est la meme chose" ..... and that includes Japan

ref :- "Abenomics on trial as Japan prepares for recession" , The Financial Times, International Section ref :- "Japan's problem is not enough Abenomics" , The Financial Times, Editorial Apologies for being away from the keyboard for so long .... unavoidably detained and all that. Now, where to start upon our return ? Thank goodness for Jean-Baptiste Alphonse Karr's famous epigram of 1849, colloquially translated of course as "the more things change, the more they stay the same". Some of the drivers behind market moves may have changed, and it goes without saying that there's one ENORMOUS brand new factor overhanging the global economy in the most threatening fashion, but the market reaction

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