Financial modelling, valuation, 

 corporate finance training courses 

Our financial modelling training courses offer you a balance of theory and practical exercises, all in excel.  Our trainers are former banking and finance professionals who bring the training to life, and provide outstanding learning outcomes for interns and graduates, through to experienced professionals.  The training is supported by our eLearning, and modelling and valuation manuals, available pre and post training.

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Financial modelling training


We offer a wide range of financial modelling courses for complete beginners through to more advanced audiences.  Financial modelling training with BG is always hands on in excel but the key is blending  theory with skills, such that our participants learn from our experienced trainers how to build models which can be used an interpreted by their colleagues and clients.



Financial institutions training

Our training team includes former banking professionals who have worked in senior roles in Treasury and M&A who bring their expertise in ALM, and FIG training to our participants. We deliver training to those just starting out in their careers in finance through to experienced professionals looking for interactive workshops on topics such as the Basel IV and strategic planning for banks.