All of our trainers are either former senior line managers or former practising professionals who draw on their past experience and insight to deliver practical and relevant training.


Our trainers keep up to date with developments in the financial markets at all times. We invest fully in the requisite research tools including Bloomberg, Thomson and IFR.


We work closely with you to formulate a training plan to reflect the business orientation and culture of your firm which will measurably impact the performance of the participants on their return to their desks.


We have long standing relationships with the world's leading financial institutions. Abiding by our confidentiality agreements we cannot list them here.

financial modelling training uk

Up to date material with recent market developments and market leading publications to support our courses.

financial modelling training uk
Online testing

Test knowledge prior to, during or post course with multiple-choice tests online.

Performance evaluation
financial modelling training uk

Relevant feedback on course participants on an informal or formal basis.

financial modelling training uk
Virtual learning

Our online learning portal allows users to simulate real markets without real risk. 

financial modeling training uk
Guest speakers 
financial modelling training uk
Group exercises
financial modeling training uk
Class discussions
global banking training uk
Computer simulations and models

   Banking experience  


financial modelling training uk

We have a fully licensed Bloomberg terminal for up to the minute market information.

financial modelling training uk

Designed to help you revise the key features covered in your classroom training all between 15 and 20 minutes in length.

   Practical and current  

BG Consulting provides course material which is up to date with recent market developments and incorporates current market data.

financial modeling training uk
Participant presentations
financial modeling training uk
Role plays

 Our expertise