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Transaction banking training tailored to your requirements


BG has a team of talented trainers who bring years of specialist transaction banking experience into the classroom.  Our specialists from working capital management, cash management, trade finance, supply chain finance and credit roles are all ready to deliver industry leading training to your specialist audiences.  In addition to this your client facing bankers will benefit from a far better understanding of their clients, how to spot opportunities, cross sell and provide the best possible services to your corporate client base in training that includes real life case studies and role plays.

Trade finance brochure

We hope you find this booklet of sample training topics in the area of Trade Finance and Supply Chain Financing useful.


The list is by no means exhaustive and given that our training is bespoke, we would be delighted to put forward course outlines which meet your specific requirements.


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Training topics and ideas

  1. The business of banking

  2. Risks faced by banks

  3. Banking regulation

  4. Basel II - Credit / market / operational

  5. Basel III - Liquidity / leverage

  6. Understanding interest rates

  7. Retail Banking & Lending

  8. Business Banking & Lending

  9. Introduction to credit risk

  10. Understanding Corporate Clients

  11. Role of CFO  /FD / Treasurer

  12. The Corporate Life Cycle

  13. Challenges through the growth cycle

  1. History of FX markets

  2. FX risk to importer and exporters

  3. Spot FX markets, understanding quotes

  4. Mechanics of forward FX pricing

  5. NDF's

Fundamentals of foreign exchange
Trade finance
  1. Introduction to methods of payment

  2. Defining key documents for trade finance

  3. Terms of trade Incoterms 2010

  4. Regulatory and trade bodies

  5. URC 522 and ICC UCP 600

  6. Documentory collections, DP and DA

  7. Letters of credit structures

  8. Issuance, parties and mechanics

  9. Standby, transferable, back to back, red clause

  10. Contract bonds, bid and performance

  11. Guarantees, AP, maintenance, and retention

  12. Export Credit Insurance

  13. Government backed export programme

  14. Structured trade finance

  15. LC confirmation and IRU's

  16. Cash against faxed documents

  17. Bill discounting against buyers risk

  18. Bank Payment Obligation

  19. Supporting the trader:

    -  Using goods as collateral

    -  Assessing value of goods

    -  Value of pledges & trust receipts

  20. Use of collateral managers

  1. Defining transaction banking

  2. Importance and future of transaction banking

  3. Corporate treasury environment

  4. Objectives of cash management

  5. Forecasting, floats and reporting

  6. Payment Services

  7. Collection services

  8. Payments service

  9. Liquidity management

  10. Minimise funding,  maximise return of cash

  11. Cash sweeps and notional pooling

  12. Factoring, invoice discounting

  13. Supply chain financing

  14. Clearing services

  15. Continuously linked settlement

  16. TMS and electronic banking

Transaction banking & cash management
  1. History of commodity markets

  2. Nature of commodity markets

  3. Supporting commodity traders

  4. Using goods as collateral

  5. Structured warehouse finance

  6. Oil import facilities 

Commodities and trade finance
Know your customer
  1. Product suitability

  2. Sales standards

  3. Regulations


  1. Business cycle and how it is financed

  2. F2F, O2C and P2P process

  3. WCM metrics, DSO, DPO and DIO

  4. Causes of problems for F2F, O2C and P2P

  5. ECQ Re-order points and terms of credit

  6. DPO, DSO and DIO KPI's

  7. Payable and receivable optimisation

Working capital management
  1. Balance Sheet,

  2. P&L Account

  3. Cash Flow Analysis

  4. Facility Structuring, Monitoring & Control

Financial analysis
Supply chain finance
  1. Supply chain structure

  2. Benefits to buyer/seller/financier

  3. Pre-financing contracts

  4. Supplier financing

  5. Vendor financing

  6. Financing open account transactions

  7. Reverse factoring

  8. Risks and opportunities